About Us

High Life Biotechnology Marketing LTD.

Adheres to the concept of high quality with sustainable service in mind for providing quality products catered to consumers. Our first representative  product, "Cleansing Water from the Source", does not only meet the needs of families in general, but also the drinking needs of different customers and is highly acclaimed by many users  praise!

Founded in February 2016, High Life Biotechnology Marketing LTD is a company under the "Hitter Group". Chairwoman Lu, An-chi has always been true to her original passion in the highly competitive Taiwanese biotech market and committed to developing biotech products and services that are in line with the Taiwanese market and unique. Laying the company’s foundation in Taiwan, Ms. Lu is taking aims at overseas markets such as mainland China and Malaysia to move forward.

In order to meet diversified customer needs with a focus on the future, we will introduce and develop more unique products and services based on our forward-looking strategies for providing superior customer experience.

We are eagerly looking for dealersThe Company is now recruiting dealers all across the island for selling the main product "Cleansing Water from the Source" water filter and its related products.

We sincerely welcome interested individuals or companies engaged in dealership business and sales to become our partners!For dealership cooperation, please contact us!